Urbex in Jablonec

We went to an old industrial complex near Jablonec train station Paseky. The place is called Teplárna. It is completly abandondend and its very famous spot for photographers. We filmed there and took some photos using pyrotechnics.

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Smoke bomb photoshooting

It was moody autumn day in Jablonec and we've decided to go photoshooting with smoke bombs that we've bought couple days ago. There were three of us and the special guest for portraits. It was freezing outside, but nothing could stop us. We took some awesome photos and enjoyed that great day.

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About us

The Preathers team was based in Czech republic in 2018. We are a group of four students, interested in multimedia and design, trying to capture our stories and share them with the world. We would love to travel the whole world and we are always down for an adventure.

Radek Nový

Wannabe designer, filmmaker, adventurer and photographer, specialized in portraits. Love to travel and share my experiences with the world. As a gymnast i love to move, climb the mountains and hike!

Ondřej Neduchal

I was born in 2001, since that year I had started to travel and do adrenaline things. I started recording and sharing those activities in 2018. I'm amateur, but I want to improve my skills. I'm very lucky, because my friend from Preathers are helping me on this road to be professional.

Marek Palounek

I am photographer and filmmaker, specialized in travel and landscape photography. But sometimes I like to change lenses and do some portraits. I’m always on the way for the perfect shot.

Kryštof Krátký

Hello guys, my name is Kryštof Krátký. I’m 17 years old. I’m currently studying high school in Liberec. My hobbies are football, playing on some instruments and dog handling. My job at Preathers is to make our websites working.


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